WarmWire Electric Floor Heating Systems


The flexibility to fit any floor plan at a cost effective price

WarmWire is the most flexible choice for irregularly-shaped or curved rooms, and stairs. For typical installations, WarmWire is spaced at 3 inches on center. For areas with high heat loss, the spacing can be lowered to 2.5 inches for added warmth. In hallways and rooms that are well insulated, spacing can be increased to 3.5 inches on center. Controlling the level of warmth is easily accomplished with a connected SunStat Thermostat. When planning a WarmWire installation, you have 2 options to secure the wire. Both options require a layer of mortar or self-leveling thinset to cover the wire. Mortar is troweled smooth for laminate and resilient floor covering and notched to follow guidelines for installing tile and stone.


WarmWire with HeatMatrix Uncoupling Membrane

HeatMatrix uncoupling membrane protects your tile investment while offering a fast, easy method of installing WarmWire electric heating cables.

  • Simply press WarmWire into the HeatMatrix channels at the selected spacing
  • Protect tile and stone from cracking with a sheer stress control layer that isolates the surface from subfloor movement
  • Provide a barrier against surface water with durable polypropylene construction
  • HeatMatrix is ideal for below grade installations with deep-grooved channels that allow evaporation of moisture from below the membrane


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WarmWire with CableStrap

For flooring that doesn’t require crack prevention or waterproof underlayment, WarmWire is typically installed using CableStrap.

  • CableStrap includes tabs for 2.5, 3 and 3.5 inch spacing
  • Rolls of CableStrap are included with WarmWire Kits


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