WarmWire Cable Calculator

Warm Wire shower

To determine the amount of product you need for your home area, enter the information below and choose "Calculate".


Square Footage

Calculate the total wall-to-wall square footage of the room you want to warm.  Subtract the square footage of all built-ins (closets, tub, toilet, cabinets) and areas you don’t want to warm.  Enter the total heated area in the box.



120 Volt circuits are typical, and only require one space in your breaker panel.  240 Volt circuits are useful for larger areas.  Contact your electrician if you are not sure which to select.

Inches on center

Wire Spacing

WarmWire is spaced at 2.5", 3" or 3.5" depending on the amount of heat loss in the room. 3" is the standard spacing for kitchens and bathrooms. For high heat-loss areas use 2.5" spacing. For areas with minimal heat loss like hallways, 3.5" spacing is recommended.

Note: Never space WarmWire closer than 2.5" apart.


Subfloor Type

Your subfloor is under your floor covering (carpet, tile, hardwood, etc.). This will most likely be either a wood subfloor or a concrete slab. If your warm floor is going over a wood subfloor, select “wood” (even if using backerboard, cement board or a bed of mortar).



SunTouch WarmWire Kits include the important components you need for your warm floor installation. Each kit includes: WarmWire Cable(s), SunStat Command Thermostat, CableStrap, Loudmouth Installation Monitor, double sided tape, and the installation manual. WarmWire Kits are also available with a SunStat Connect Thermostat. Contact your representative for details.

Here is your printable parts list: