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Many contractors are unfamiliar with floor warming and snow melting installations, and they lose business by turning potential customers away. For over 30 years, SunTouch has helped contractors create thousands of happy customers with our fast, easy-to-install solutions. Feel confident in your installation, get more business, and relax knowing your customers are satisfied with SunTouch.

Very complete instructions. It made me feel very confident doing the installation.
-Home Depot Customer
Easy to install. I would use it again.
-Home Depot Customer
Worked great. A must have for installation. Much easier than using a multimeter and takes the guesswork out of whether any wires got damaged.
-Home Depot Customer
I've installed dozens of these under tile in bathrooms and they all work great.
-Home Depot Customer
Peace of mind all through the installation process. Worth it!
-Home Depot Customer

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Not sure how to install floor warming or snow melting?
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