Enjoy a luxurious experience without the luxury price tag. From tile or stone kitchens and bathrooms to walkways and entrances, SunTouch makes it easy to add warmth to the surfaces that surround you.

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WarmWire with HeatMatrix

HeatMatrix works with WarmWire to provide the ultimate protection for tile combined with the comfort of warm floors.

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TapeMat electric floor warming mats have an open-weave design for a 1-step mortar installation. Discover how affordable electric heating can be.

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ProMelt Mats

Now you can enjoy the beauty of winter while an electric snow melting system handles the ice and snow on your walkway and driveway. ProMelt electric snow melting mats are easily installed below outside surfaces.

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ProMelt Cables

ProMelt Cable electric snow melting solutions provide a flexible option for melting snow and ice on curves, stairs, and free-form areas. They are easily installed for use under concrete, pavers, asphalt, or tile.

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