Comfort Solutions


Better Living. Inside and out.

Experience the convenience and luxury of our comfort solutions. Engineered for unparalleled reliability and enjoyment, our systems are trusted in and around thousands of homes and businesses worldwide.

Indoor Solutions


Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating

Efficiently warm the floors in homes, businesses, warehouses, garages, and even airplane hangars for added comfort

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Electric Floor Warming

Easily and inexpensively add warmth to any floor surface, from tile or stone for kitchens and bathrooms to laundry rooms, entrances, and basements

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Condensing Boilers

Deliver energy-saving, compact and reliable space heating with the greatest efficiency and performance

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High Efficiency Water Heaters

Portfolio of indirect-fired, water-to-water and steam-to-water heaters that provide high efficiency domestic hot water

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Temperature Controls

tekmar control solutions offer complete heating and cooling system control, zoning, domestic hot water generation, solar thermal and snow melting. Temperature swings are eliminated by intelligently adjusting the heating system operation to compensate for indoor and outdoor temperature changes.

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