Pushing the Envelope: Smart & Connected Flood Protection

What the Client Needed

When Test Gauge, Inc, one of the nation’s fastest growing suppliers of backflow products, was constructing a brand new, state-of-the-art training facility, they needed to install cutting-edge backflow products into a live educational setting.


SentryPlus Alert™ is designed to help prevent potentially catastrophic flood conditions in a range of applications. As the first system that offers automated flood protection, contractors across the Midwest weren't familiar with the technology, how it works, and how it can benefit their clientele.

Results (ROI)

In various training classes by Test Gauge, Inc, participants learned the benefits of SentryPlus Alert™ automated flood protection technology, how to answer any questions about the system, and how to install it with accuracy. By educating their customers on the latest innovations in plumbing, Test Gauge, Inc. can continue to lead the nation in the fastest growing suppliers of backflow products.


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Rick Marvel
President | Owner
We are actually giving them a hands-on approach, teaching [our clients] how it can positively affect their business. How it can help a building owner, and making sure that they have the best product installed for their needs [in case of a] catastrophic event.