National Backflow Prevention Day 8/16

Celebration Success!

A big “thank you!” to all who joined in celebration for National Backflow Prevention Day 2023! This year, we celebrated the strides made by the industry through innovative connected technologies that are propelling backflow prevention into a new era of safety and efficiency. We also recognized the individuals working in the field of backflow prevention and their dedication to maintaining the safety of our water resources. We’re grateful for your support and are already looking forward to 2024!

Smart & Connected Flood Protection

Join Sara Hiers and Jason Perry in their conversation about reduced pressure zone (RPZ) valve discharge- what it means for your backflow preventer, and the potential water damage it can cause if left unchecked. They also introduce Watts Flood Detection, an invaluable smart and connected tool for staying alerted of excess RPZ discharge. Learn how it can:

  • Prevent the costs of downtime, remediation and repair associated with water damage.
  • Meet energy savings goals by reducing water waste.
  • Empower its users to monitor their backflow preventer from anywhere.

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Smart & Connected Pressure Monitoring

Listen as Jason Koravos discusses the importance of backflow preventer testing and why the time in between test dates leaves the door open for risk. Jason introduces smart and connected Performance Monitoring, a Watts solution that mitigates that risk by ensuring your backflow preventer is monitored 24/7/365. He covers how advance knowledge of a potential problem can:

  • Decrease maintenance/repair costs.
  • Reduce the likeliness of a backflow or backsiphonage event.
  • Meet testing requirements.

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Connected Fire Tamper Switch Monitoring

Sara Hiers gives a detailed overview of fire tamper codes, how they vary, why they’re necessary, and the painstaking process by which traditional, non-connected monitoring devices are installed. She also shared insight into why Ames connected solutions are an easier and more effective alternative to ensuring fire tamper safety because they’re:

  • Precalibrated to save time and labor costs.
  • The sturdiest and most effective way to ensure fire tamper safety while meeting code.
  • Preinstalled to avoid the time-consuming hassle of fitting an aftermarket monitoring device to an OS & Y gate valve.
  • Designed to meet even the most stringent of fire tamper safety codes.

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ArmorTek Advanced Coating System

Listen as Shawn Callan introduces ArmorTek, a revolutionary coating system that helps to both prevent corrosion and extend the life of iron valves. He covers:

  • Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) and how its presence is typically a death sentence for the iron it touches.
  • The unique makeup of ArmorTek and how its several layers of defense prevent MIC and from taking hold, even if one layer of the coating is compromised.

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A backflow preventer installed correctly in black and white

The First Backflow Incident

It was the summer of 1933. Visitors traveled from far and wide to Chicago for the World’s Fair. A water supply was shared by two major hotels that were filled to capacity with tourists. Unaware of the dangerous cross connections in their plumbing system, the two hotels unknowingly allowed amoebic dysentery to spread prolitically throughout their rooms, contaminating the water consumed by their guests.

200 people became severely ill, and 98 of them ultimately lost their lives. This tragic story continues to be a driving factor in backflow innovation. As we engineer each new generation of valve, and each new connected feature, we remember that backflow prevention, at the heart of it, saves lives.

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Catch up on best practices in backflow prevention with useful ebooks, online training, and much more at Backflow Hub, your online resource for everything backflow.

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The Watts Family of Brands

For nearly 150 years, Watts has been trusted to innovate solutions on behalf of our customers. Our brands offer a variety of high-quality backflow prevention technologies that protect our potable water supply. Our solutions help our customers prioritize safety, durability, and compliance.


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